There comes times in your life when you make decisions that you think seem insignificant but God has much more in store for you. One of those decisions for me was attending the Greatness after Rejection workshop.  It has changed my life!!! Before attending the workshop I had no thought that I was so negatively impacted by rejection. I thought that it was "Just Me" not knowing that rejection was the blame.  God used Pastor Karen Presley mightily to expose rejection, its behaviors and how it negatively impacts our lives. I learned how rejection got a foothold in my life as a child.  Pastor Karen then taught on how God's love can overcome and root out rejection. As in its name there is truly Greatness after Rejection. This workshop is truly a life changing experience that all should attend. - Phillip Massey

I was angry and bitter about many things in my life... but now I'm less angry and bitter about what people and tings in my life.  I am happier and more fulfilled with where my life is going. - Yolanda Robertson

Before the class I was unbalanced, unsure, angry and sometime resentful... After the class I feel more assured in my spirit.  Grateful that I found this class and how it has positively impacted my life to be a better me. - Robyn Smith

Before the class I was lost, confused and felt scattered many times.  Now I'm free.  I learned the purpose of using my weapons.  I learned more about myself in 22 weeks than what I learned in 1 year at my ministry.  I thank God for this class. - Karen Harvey
Before attending this program, I grew up in church but my soul was crying and searching for something... I was depressed, hurt and felt like I was nothing.  After the class, I now have peace and I understand better God's love for me.  I'm no longer depressed, or disappointed but I realize these are plans of the enemy and how things work together to bring me to this season.  I'm truly grateful for this program... it changed my life. - Tamika Daniel
The 7 Step Program class helped me to identify the areas in my life that was holding me hostage.  Before the class I would neglect myself in alot of areas and I would deal with life "non-shalant" and isolated.  The class showed me how to correct the things that keep me in bondage so I can be free and fulfill God's purpose for my life.  This class has taught me how to be balance in life. - Raenea Givens
The 7 Step Program has helped me to be excited about life again.  Before the class, I did not have a desire to dream anymore or pursue any goals.  My future seemed hopeless and dark.  I am now mentally, physically and spiritually ready to move forward to a glorious future.  - Ronda Logan
I now know that church going can never set you free, only a personal relationship with the Lord.  Through this class, I was able to identify and remove the masks that I had been wearing for so many years.  Knowing that God loves me for who I am and not what I do made it easy to overcome years of negative emotions - Sharon Jackson
Pastor Karen Presley and her Daughters of Zion ministry helped me get beyond denial, to see that I was actually wearing a mask -- even more than one.  The information she gave helped me identify what my masks were and why I wore them.  And, as a senior citizen, this all caught me somewhat by surprise!    Most valuable to me was God's anointing on her to help me GET RID of my masks!  I learned that it's NEVER too late to change, get free, and become the person God made you to be.  I'll never be the same.  And I am forever grateful to God for using her in these workshops. - Bobby Jean
Are You Wearing A Mask? Overcoming Negative Emotions has been a very effective workshop.  Pastor Karen Presley has provided step-by-step tools on how to move forward from the negative events and circumstances of life that can paralyze us and keep us "stuck" in certain conditions. In this series of free workshops, I've learned so much! A few highlights are listed below on how to: (1) Locate and identify where I am in life; (2) How to let go of the past and move on to a brighter future; (3) Write an effective statement of affirmation that provides guidance on moving forward in purpose.  
Pastor Karen's sessions are on time, orderly and serve as a mission to help people heal emotionally.  Training materials are available to help each individual to grow at their own pace and in their private study time at home.  I would highly recommend this Organization to women and men who need, but have not been helped by, or not able to locate counseling one-on-one in a traditional session. - Patricia M.


Daughters of Zion is a great asset to the community. It gives you the tools to get to know yourself and the ability to strive to be the best you. The tools give you the power to believe in yourself. Better people, better families; better communities makes better States. I thank God for this organization because it truly impacts people's lives. - Sharon J.
"Upon becoming saved God told me that I needed to become whole before He would join me with a man. Initially it didn't make sense to me but with time I understood and waited for God to manifest his Word. One day last year I received an email from ChristianHangSuite advertising a 7 Steps to Wholeness in God class and I knew right then that I had to be in it. At the same time I was doing me so I signed up but didn't take it seriously enough to keep going. The following year I saw it again and knew that that was where God wanted me to be. Initially i didn't take it seriously because I was struggling with continuing an unhealthy activity and knowing that I had to give it up. I appreciated Karen's transparency and openness about her own journey which in turn helped me to face my own demons. I also liked the book which provided me with a biblical foundation and practical techniques to help me overcome.
Without this class I would not have overcame my addiction to the strip club and discovered my anger issues or found out how important it is to release daily. Thank You Karen for keeping it real because I couldn't have made it through this time in my life without you." - Rhesa Riley

"This program has truly added completion to my life. I drove one hour from Baltimore every week to learn the things I needed to know to continue my journey. I have learned how to release and how to replace those negative emotions. I have learned that pleading the Blood of Jesus and partaking of the Lord's Supper are tools given to me as a believer. The hour drive was well worth it. I am now able to walk in Completion." --- It's now a year later, and because of this class I am healed in many areas including how I viewed relationships. I had a poor view of male female relationships. If I had never had the class I would not have been open for the man of God that He has sent me. - Stephanie Nelson

"The 7 step program is a course of study that transforms YOU! The program has provided me with a biblical foundation of who I am in Christ Jesus and it has enlighten me to the devastating effects on any individual who is not whole and complete in God. In going through the 21 week course, I've truly become to know just who I am on the inside. The penetrating scriptures in class were filled with transforming POWER! I have learned and have partaken in the things that God desired to teach me and I'm now walking on a new and exciting path toward HIM. I'm no longer allowing my faith to waiver nor allowing fear to hinder me. I have stepped out with ....radical faith and radical obedience. Glory to our God!!" - Leena Scott

"Pastor Karen, you are truly anointed by God. Thank you for placing such a healing on my life. It was no accident that we met in another ministry years ago. God knew that I would have to be delivered from depression, fear and unforgiveness at this appointed time in order to move into the destiny that He has for me. I thank the Holy Spirit for giving me the persistence to find you and to partner with your ministry. In January 2009, depression and fear consumed me so bad that I just wanted to give up. I am so humbled and grateful that God loved me so much that placed me in the care of one of His anointed preachers. Because of your ministry, I have given all control to God and truly prepared to walk into my destiny. Thank you for instilling in me to truly submit and tell God "I Trust YOU". I am now grounded in His Word and always seeking His Presence. I am so blessed to have you as a mentor." - Natachia Gourdine-Tyson
"The 7 Steps to Wholeness Class, has impacted how I combat the devices of the enemy in my life. Prior to enrolling in this class I was tremendously stressed and discouraged. Minister Karen, taught on several principles and challenged us to execute them in our daily walk in order to see results. I held on to the principle of "releasing and the taking of holy communion" daily. As a result, my stress level has been minimized and there has been a spiritual awakening." - Carol Pierce
"7 Steps to Wholeness & Completeness class is freeing women from being in bondage of hurts and pains and propelling them into their destiny. Minister's Karen's teachings and testimony caused me to truly become whole by intensifying my personal relationship with God and elevating me to another level in my purpose. Because of the class, I am now more equipped in using my spiritual gifts to overcome past, current, and future pains, hurts, and obstacles." - Amleset G. (Coach K) Kidane
"God has shown me that He is concerned about every detail of my life. Even the things that I have parked in the back of my mind, God wanted me to face in order to break free from it and grown. You cannot get over any obstacles that you cannot see. The Lord has used the 7-Step Program to expose the hidden works of darkness occurring in my life and the light of His glory has dispelled the darkness. To God be all the glory for Pastor Karen and the ministry He has birthed in her for the healing of the hurting. I am the redeemed and I say so!" - Rev. Stephanie Long-Scott
"I never really talked to anyone much about my childhood, and I was shaky about taking these classes. You instructed me to write a letter to my parents, I must say it started out very painful and I was surprised at the things God revealed. I really believed that I had forgiven my parents and every time I went to close the letter, seems more would come for me to write. Finally, I got to the last line, "I forgive you" and there was a release that I can't put into words. God had lifted a burden I had carried all my life. I'm so grateful for what God has done through you and the 7 step class." - Jackie Stinson