2 Tim 1:7 says God has NOT given us the spirit of fear but a mind of power, love, and soundness. Beloved there are a lot of scriptures concerning the MIND. To name a few, He tells us to be renewed in our mind, to love with all our mind, be of one mind, be humbled in our mind, let His mind become ours, and don't let our mind be carnal for its enmity against God.
Allow me to paint a picture on inner healing, as I introduce Daughters of Zion Empowerment Center, Inc.

You move into a new house, you fully furnish it, and refrigerator is full of food. You love the ambiance of your new place because its your harvest, what you believed God for. However, there is something wrong when you turn on the air or heat. It has a foul order that is oozing from the vents into the atmosphere.
As children of God, we are commanded to live from the inside out and charged to pay attention to our inner conversation. The Holy Spirit who came to live in us at our moment of salvation is an inward witness of the reality of God's Kingdom
The world is forever changing because the systems of the world keep changing.�  In many conversations, I've heard people's desperate attempts to stay above waters which have in some cases back fired on them.�  There are "5" words that we are very familiar with their meaning, but if implemented in our lives, and in this following order, it will begin to bring us into a greater level of living that's full of God's grace
Grace is a word that is so misunderstood in the body of Christ. Grace is a word that is known in the body of Christ, but not fully understood in the life of the believer
As we approach the end of the year, we also approach the time that we get busy with holiday, shopping and family gatherings. For some of us, we look back over the year and say, where did it go?
At the end of last year, I stumbled upon the movie Spotlight through my Fandango app.  It was about a team of journalists called Spotlight that were inside the Boston Globe that investigated allegations against a priest in 2001.
When you hear the word construction, what comes to your mind?  Is it; delays, impatience, frustration, irritations, or amazement of seeing the progress every time you pass that way to work. 
Have you ever been to an Art show and seen the dynamics of all the different drawings and expressions of an artist? 
I know a lot of men who enjoy fishing and see it as a relaxing time of getting away from the rat race of life.� Some people do it as a sport and become very competitive with who can catch the biggest fish.